SR-97 Weather FAX / RTTY / NBDP Receiver

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The Steamrock SR-97 WEATHER FAX / RTTY / NBDP / HF SSB receiver is a portable device designed for use by serious offshore cruisers who have a need for free valuable meteorological data transmitted by reliable weather organizations and want it displayed on a screen that is easy-to-read even in bright sunlight. The SR-97 is perfect for those who prefer not to fidget with complicated set ups, messy wiring, PC connections and compatibility issues, software updates, or subscription fees. It has an uncannily intuitive no-nonsense user-friendly touch screen interface and a protected internal speaker that provides a decent level of sound.

This multi-functional device has the following functions:

  • A Weather Fax Receiver which is preset with maritime stations and their known frequencies, set to automatically or manually receive images in 16 gradients of gray, and capable of storing 200 received radiofax pages in an internal non-volatile memory. VIDEO

  • An RTTY / NBDP Text Receiver also preset with radioteletype maritime stations and their known frequencies and capable of storing 190 received text pages in an internal non-volatile memory. VIDEO

  • A VOLMET Receiver which has 29 preset VOLMET stations and their known frequencies and is equipped with a record and playback function allowing you to record up to 8 minutes of a voiced broadcast. VIDEO

  • An HF SSB Receiver capable of receiving in LSB or USB mode and also equipped with a quickly accessible record and playback function.

  • A Sensitive Barometer / Barograph with atmospheric pressure and tendency threshold warnings that go off on any screen on the device regardless of whether it is switched on or off.

  • A Multi Time Zone Clock preset with all the world time zones you can choose from and UTC, LOCAL, and HOME clocks displayed on one screen. It has two alarms that go off on any screen regardless of whether the device is switched on or off as well as a timer.

  • A Moon Calendar that displays the phases and shapes of the moon and an assessment of nighttime illumination.

  • A Calculator / Unit Converter with the most common conversions a boat owner might need, easily used with a simple touch of a button.

Although you may be using other technologies for obtaining weather data, this very practical device can serve as a reliable backup reference utilizing well-proven technologies employed for decades for maritime purposes. No internet connection required. The SR-97 is a stand-alone device powered independently from your boat’s battery bank. It has IP67 battery compartments and is generally protected against splashing water. It is easy to hold with your hands and manipulate with your thumbs at the same time. It has a very sturdy case made of 3mm ABS. Although the device is well-balanced and steady, its handle is strong enough to be used for lashing when the boat is underway if needed. It has a compact replaceable telescopic antenna with a BNC connector.




SR-97 receiver                        1
Telescopic antenna                 1
Batteries                                  4
Owner’s manual                      1
Waterproof carrying case        1


Dimensions: 270 x 240 x 90 mm (10.5” x 9.5” x 3.5”)
Weight: 1.62 kg (3.5 lb) without batteries
Power: 4 x D cells (6 V)
Display: 9.7” b/w electronic paper (202 x 140 mm)

Tuning Range: 3 MHz to 30 MHz SSB
Tuning Steps: 10, 50, 100 Hz, 1, 5, 9, 10 kHz

Absolute accuracy: 1 hPa (0.0295 inHg) at 0 ~ 50 °C (32 ~ 122 °F)
Long term sensor drift: < 1 hPa (0.0295 inHg) / year
10-min timing accuracy: < 1%

Clock accuracy: ±2ppm from 0°C to +40°C

Compass safe distance: 1 meter

Operating limits
Pressure range: 500 hPa ~ 1100 hPa (14.765 ~ 32.483 inHg)
Temperature: 0 ~ 50 °C (32 ~ 122 °F)


Ships from Taiwan, tracking provided.
Shipping weight: 5.8 kg
Package dimensions: 40 x 38 x 17 cm

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